home about product order blog contact information preview for bone cancer: category occupational cancer initial symptoms agent type chemical acuity chronic comments a sentinel health event (occupational) associated with radium exposure by radium chemists, processors, and dial painters; [mullan] documented causes of radiation-induced bone cancer in humans include 226-radium, 228-radium, 224-radium, plutonium, thorotrast (thorium oxide), and radiotherapy. "radiation-induced bone cancer appears, it seems, only at very high doses, and it is rarely reported at doses under 5 gy. " [schottenfeld, p. 946-52] there was strong evidence of work-related bone cancer in radium dial painters and a "meaningful association" in mayak workers who had very high exposure to plutonium. [boice, p. 261] to see more, please login on the left, sign up for a trial, or subscribe. Why should i subscribe or sign up for a gideon trial? During the subscription or trial you can access all the modules of gideon. Toxicology provides access to additional sections for diseases and agents including: signs and symptoms, exposure, synonyms, adverse effects and more. You can also diagnose, identify and compare diseases and agents. Access to gideon will also help you diagnose any infectious disease - in any country - and explore all available treatment options. Microbiology is an interactive, up-to-date alternative to all standard texts (including bergey's manual) and automated systems for identification and description of bacteria, mycobacteria and yeasts. Gideon ebooks can be downloaded and read anywhere. Bone cancer general toxicology diseases gideon content   customer login password: forgot your password? Need a password? Infectious diseases microbiology toxicology ebooks   copyright © 1994 - 2012 gideon informatics, inc. All rights reserved. Search | faq | license | terms of service | privacy. Lled "mini-transplants" theoretically work well because of the graft-versus-tumor effect. viagra buy buy generic viagra viagra for sale viagra without a doctor prescription buy cheap viagra buy viagra cheap viagra online buy cheap viagra buy cheap viagra viagra without a doctor prescription These types of transplants are being investigated mainly for use in situations in which a full transplant may not be possible or where other options are limited. When to call a professional if you have had a bone marrow transplant, you will be monitor. generic viagra mexico pharmacy